OPA Training

Pre- Performer   Monday and Wednesday 530p to 645p

(Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Singing)

Monday 4:30p to 530p Tap,
5:30p to 630p Ballet,
6:30 to 7:00p-Musical Theatre

Thursday 4:30p to 530p Jazz,
 5:30p to 6:00p Acting,
6:00p to 7:00p-Acrobatics
Tuesdays 5;30p to 6:30p Jazz,
6:30p to 8:00pAcrobatics, 

Wednesdays: Wednesdays 4:30p to 5:30p Music/Voice,
5:30p to 6:30p-Acting

Thursdays 4:30p to 6:00p Ballet,
6:00p to 7:00p-Tap,
Monday 4:30p to 5:30p Movement for Theatre,
5:30p to 6:30p Acting,
6:45p to 7:45p-All Hands on Tech (Technical Theatre);

Tuesday 6:30p to 8:00p Jazz;

Wednesday 4:30p to 6:00p Ballet,
4:30p to 5:30p Acting,
5:30p to 6:30p Music/Voice;

Thursday 7:00p to 8:30p Jazz;

Saturday 10:30a to 12p Acrobatics


“Allenato” is OPA’s all-youth Performing ARTs company.  Allenato students not only study the ARTs, but they develop and empower their character by giving back to the community through service programs, such as T.U.L.S.A. (Talented and Unlimited Leaders Sharing the ARTs), H.A.P.P.Y. (Hands-on ARTs Programs and Performances for the Youth) and Capture the Spirit, along with full-length productions.

This concert-based, training-focused program is for ages 5 to 19. These young artists are provided classical ARTs training in dance (ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics), music (piano and music theory), voice, acting, technical theatre, along with leadership and mentoring experiences. 

This program is unique and cultivates skills for success as a student and beyond.


Please fill out the form below and an email will be sent to you with possible audition dates and times. Thank you.